Nutri Taste Sdn. Bhd. is incorporated in 2004 as Malaysia's first recognised Halal Tuna and Chicken Floss manufacturer. Specialising in the production and distribution of a wide selection of products including Chicken Floss, Tuna Floss and Beef Floss, Nutri Taste products are widely enjoyed by Malaysians and are well received by customers across the entire Asia.

Striving towards product and service excellence, Nutri Taste has invested in advanced technology and machinery to efficiently produce products in comply with the market demand.

Originated from a traditional recipe, chicken floss or popularly known as "serunding" among Malaysians, is an all-time favourite delicacy of the Chinese and Malay Culture. Nutri Taste has perfected this recipe by using premium quality Halal chicken, other special ingredients and seasoning to achieve the light and fluffy texture with delicious taste.

Tantalizing the taste buds of customers all over the world, Nutri Taste's wide range of floss products in various flavours is a popular snack food and topping to make great tasting meals. It is light and easy to carry along for travel and picnic, and it is also the best training snack for athletes because of its high nutrients and low in fat, making it a healthy choice and a taste for all.

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